The mixed blessing of hearing aids

“Prepare for disappointment!” As they engaged each other in swordplay, Inigo Montoya and Dread Pirate Roberts tested the skills and determination of the other in the movie: The Princess Bride. After some engagement it was obvious that each was a skilled swordsman. But who would overcome the other? Montoya              “Who are you?” he screamed. Roberts... Continue Reading →


So how should we rate Canada’s response to the climate crisis? One word: Awful! Actually it’s worse than awful and worsening still despite a mild shift in public opinion fueled by the short sighted goals of elected officials. Additionally, if industry is slow to adapt to new realities, it seems the banks and financial markets... Continue Reading →

INSURANCE – just in case?

“There’s water dripping from the ceiling” exclaimed my wife Kathie as we lay in bed at 4:00 a.m. recently. I thought she was reporting a crazy dream to me which is sometimes the case, but no, there was indeed water dripping from the ceiling next to our bed, actually a steady stream of clear refreshing... Continue Reading →

Life in my little town – by Juno

Juno is a three year old Labradoodle who animates and organizes the life of PK and MK Gray. In recent months she has developed an ability to communicate both ideas and story to her Pawpaw, PK. The following is another instalment in an increasingly popular series. We all live together in the small South Okanagan... Continue Reading →

Try a little kindness

Firmbee, Pixabay “You’ve been hacked.” It’s true, the email address of my local church fell into the hands of hackers; a fraudulent email was distributed to many if not all addresses in our church email database. We have now fixed all this, but it was a wake-up call. Stay vigilant everyone. Corroborate any suspicious message.... Continue Reading →

Jazz Vespers is Back! And Love is in the Air

Melodies of love filled the spacious space of St. Saviour’s Anglican Church in Penticton Sunday night Most of the 100+ attendees (a mixture of church and music community members) were longtime followers of Larry Crawford and Friends--this time configured as a sextet. Jazz Vespers was founded in the South Okanagan in Summerland in the fall... Continue Reading →

Is it well with your souls?

A sermon preached on Sunday Feb 5, 2023 at St. George's Cathedral, Cape Town,South Africa by Fr Michael Lapsley SS, Canon for Healing and Reconciliation at St Georges. In 1990 Fr. Michael was sent a letter bomb by the apartheid regime. It was hidden inside two religious magazines. He lost both hands and the sight... Continue Reading →

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