Namwayut: We are all One:

A book-to-put-on-your-2022-Christmas-list special feature Names are important. As a parish priest I have always tried to learn and remember the names of congregants and community partners. As I age, with more names to remember along with a slightly wobbly memory, the work becomes increasingly difficult. I still try however. Names connect with people and personalities.... Continue Reading →

Pilgrimage 2022 — Retrospective

And we walked . . . different folks in different places; some folks in more than one place; some for the very first time in the way of a pilgrim, while others  walked for the umpteenth time. We walked for all sorts of reasons – some for spiritual refreshment, others for recreation. Some walked as... Continue Reading →

This week I visited. I took the time

A guest blog from Deanne who owns and operates the Deanne Fitzpatrick Studio nestled in downtown Amherst, Nova Scotia where she displays her one of a kind hooked rugs, create kits, patterns, host workshops, and sells supplies. Used with permission and encouragement. Kathie and I visited her store in 2019 during our vacation in the... Continue Reading →

I Regret Nothing!

Edith Piaf It’s a bold statement for sure, one I could never have spoken or thought words during my occasional lapses into depression and insecurity. In such horrible moods I regretted absolutely everything, on my worst days even life itself. That I am so far from these awful feelings is definitely a gift of Divine... Continue Reading →

Love and Justice: God’s Loving Justice

A guest column from the Centre for Contemplation and Action First published, Monday, October 17th, 2022 Richard Rohr writes that justice is an essential part of God’s nature. It does not manifest as vengeance or “getting even” but as a method of restoration and healing: God’s justice begins to be revealed in the Torah. If... Continue Reading →

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