Juno – On the move

It all happened so quickly. In recent weeks I heard Kathie and Ken speaking in hushed tones, in conversations hard to hear and difficult to understand. I initially thought they were making plans for their imminent Ireland trip, an adventure on which I was not invited, a reality I have in time come to accept... Continue Reading →


Thoughts from someone who is definitely not a bishop The Rev. Dr. Rachel Mash, Secretary, Anglican Communion Environmental Network in Canterbury Cathedral Let’s put aside for a moment legitimate anxieties and cynical expectations of failure regarding the Lambeth Conference of Anglican Bishops which meets over the next few days in Canterbury, England. As the Call... Continue Reading →

Discover Kamloops, sustainably

I should have paid more attention during Social Studies class in grade eleven. I had opted for a special version of the curriculum called Socials 11C: The City is People. Our teacher, Mr. Bertie had a passion for urban studies and had shaped the geography portion of the course around themes such as urban planning,... Continue Reading →

Countdown – Irish Chronicles #2

T minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, “we have liftoff.” As an apocalyptic fire engulfed the Kennedy Space Centre launchpad. At the time I wondered if the Saturn V rocket had destroyed itself even before leaving the ground. Fire shoots out horizontally for a mile or so as the space... Continue Reading →

Water – A photo essay

Water -- we were birthed in and through it. It is as visceral to us as breathing. Sweating, crying, and drinking -- all these human practices bring us life and allow us to live. Humans and non-humans, we are surrounded by water -- in nature, in the human-made world, in our instincts and in our... Continue Reading →

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