Singing . . . in airports

Air travel is hard work these days. I am old enough to remember the days of  relaxed luxurious travel, even in economy class. Sure there were always lineups, the longest of which might have been fifteen minutes long. I now hear of passengers stranded in line, sometimes for fifteen hours! The halcyon days before security... Continue Reading →


“You are not to tie up his laces” my otherwise kind wife Kathie exclaimed. The ritual had become all too frequent. Regardless of which shoes I wear, my laces come undone. Green, brown or blue, flat or round, long or short, all are wiggle loose triggered by the rocking rhythm of my walking. My shoelaces... Continue Reading →

The Napping News

Allow me to introduce you to John Waddington Feather. Now deceased, we first met in during the summer of 1982 at the Anglican Jekyll Street bunkhouse in Whitehorse, Yukon. John was a former paratrooper who worked for a time with British Intelligence--He physically jumped into the Suez crisis and had no time for non-violent resistance.... Continue Reading →

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