Christmas songs for another year

We sing them every year, over and over again. We start singing sometime after Remembrance Day, in public and in private, sometimes loud and with confidence, and at other times in tones barely audible. We sing many from memory; for others we need lyric sheets. But admit it, we all sing, though this year with... Continue Reading →


Tis the season . . . for toys. Throughout our small town, children (and adults) are already thinking about what toys should be under the Christmas tree this year. Now in my 65th year I rarely hear from young children, and our adult children now appreciate tools of the trade, or gifts with purpose –... Continue Reading →

(Dis)order in the Kitchen

Many of my better ideas come to me while cleaning up the dishes, loading or unloading the dishwasher (the right way) or generally restoring order in the kitchen. This is no less true that on Christmas Day. Kathie does most of the cooking though I am trying to improve my culinary capability, slowly and incrementally.... Continue Reading →

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