COP out? Let’s hope not!

I certainly hope that COP-26 will not be a cop out. Given that 25,000 people (smaller than usual for these meetings) gathered in the hip city of Glasgow, Scotland will produce a negotiated just agreement worthy of the expenditure of money, carbon, energy, time, travel and emotion, that’s a very, very tall order. We live... Continue Reading →

The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

Isabel Lake, Kamloops BC; photo by the author So on Thanksgiving, at least here in Canada, what do talk show hosts, Facebook posts, greeting cards, emails and the opening moments of phone calls have in common? “Happy Thanksgiving everyone!” To this chorus I add my own “Happy Thanksgiving” to all readers and sharers of this... Continue Reading →

Not many details here, but . . .

I am not convinced that the details about climate change actually change people’s hearts, minds or practices. Many well-intentioned folks claim that the more we know about atmospheric chemistry, solar radiation, the effect of greenhouse gasses on rising average global temperature, the influence of CO2 on ocean geochemistry, the motivations and desperate need of vulnerable... Continue Reading →

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