This week I visited. I took the time

A guest blog from Deanne who owns and operates the Deanne Fitzpatrick Studio nestled in downtown Amherst, Nova Scotia where she displays her one of a kind hooked rugs, create kits, patterns, host workshops, and sells supplies. Used with permission and encouragement. Kathie and I visited her store in 2019 during our vacation in the... Continue Reading →

The Kitchens of Our Lives

Some years ago when setting up small groups in a Christian congregation I asked  members to share answers to four questions: 1) Where did you grow up? 2) What kind of house did you grow up in? 3) Where was the centre of warmth? and 4) When did God become more than just a word.... Continue Reading →


I first discovered the word Ubuntu in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2002. Having travelled there to attend the first Global Anglican Congress on the Stewardship of Creation for a week, also for the following week at the United Nations Global Summit on Sustainable Development, I found myself wandering around a civil society display area in... Continue Reading →

The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

Isabel Lake, Kamloops BC; photo by the author So on Thanksgiving, at least here in Canada, what do talk show hosts, Facebook posts, greeting cards, emails and the opening moments of phone calls have in common? “Happy Thanksgiving everyone!” To this chorus I add my own “Happy Thanksgiving” to all readers and sharers of this... Continue Reading →

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