First Peoples, First Now!

In any conversation there are some who speak most and some who speak least. There are likewise some who speak first and others whose voice is last if not lost. Effective debate could and should be better. Alas this is often not the case, no less so than when Indigenous voices try to find their... Continue Reading →

Saturday in the Park

Well it wasn’t Saturday in the Park “on the 4th of July.” Saturday November 6, 2021 however was a day to remember locally and globally, as thousands upon thousands of climate activists around the globe gathered in communities larger and smaller to make their voice heeded and heard. I was unable to join our 130+... Continue Reading →

Two Canadian Anglicans: An introduction

Back here in Canada we hear a lot about youth and young adults finding their voice at COP-26 which is marvellous news. I have written elsewhere about the conundrum of “who is listening” so will not repeat my jaded comments here. Today’s post is optimistic and celebratory! In addition to those marching through the streets,... Continue Reading →

Blah blah blah – Glasgow 2.0

Such is Greta Thunberg’s stark assessment of the nature of speech  at global environmental meetings including COP-26, the twenty-sixth time that global leaders have gathered since 1995 (delayed one year due to COVID), an occasion to assess national compliance with the Paris Accord amongst other matters, to negotiate terms, rules, expectations and compliance schedules to... Continue Reading →

COP out? Let’s hope not!

I certainly hope that COP-26 will not be a cop out. Given that 25,000 people (smaller than usual for these meetings) gathered in the hip city of Glasgow, Scotland will produce a negotiated just agreement worthy of the expenditure of money, carbon, energy, time, travel and emotion, that’s a very, very tall order. We live... Continue Reading →

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