Life in my little town – by Juno

Juno is a three year old Labradoodle who animates and organizes the life of PK and MK Gray. In recent months she has developed an ability to communicate both ideas and story to her Pawpaw, PK. The following is another instalment in an increasingly popular series. We all live together in the small South Okanagan... Continue Reading →

Perambulating Pooch: Juno’s 3rd blog

“That dog’s in a wheelchair!” exclaimed my Mama human Kathie. Puzzled and gob smacked, my Papa human Ken replied with uncharacteristic brevity “what?” “There’s a dog in wheelchair” mama continued. “Well, it’s not a wheelchair but some sort of harness or assistive device (Mama is an Occupational Therapist with a specialty in wheelchair configuration, hence... Continue Reading →

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