Juno – On the move

It all happened so quickly. In recent weeks I heard Kathie and Ken speaking in hushed tones, in conversations hard to hear and difficult to understand. I initially thought they were making plans for their imminent Ireland trip, an adventure on which I was not invited, a reality I have in time come to accept... Continue Reading →

Random thoughts in proverbial style, by Juno

When greeting one another, dogs gathering at the dog park circle counterclockwise in order to suss each other out. One does wonder if below the equator they would circle in the opposite direction. There is personal prejudice in every dictionary definition, for dictionaries are assembled based on individual and corporate usage practices, back at least... Continue Reading →

Freedom, by Juno

Well we’re back, at the start of the second month of the year, winter still all about us in the Thompson Rivers Valley . . . and loving it. Ken, Kathie, Cameron and I have enjoyed many days  walking and hiking, meeting up with an amazing array of canine friends, Ken and Kathie swapping stories... Continue Reading →

My Days are So Joyful – Juno on walks, wonder and joy

I really am the most fortunate dog in alive in Kamloops today. I know that perceptions, especially self-perceptions, can be dangerous; they can lead to arrogance, misunderstanding and emotional injury. If the difference between one’s own self-assessment and the estimations of others is too great, conversation is difficult; allegiances, even friendships can suffer. All this... Continue Reading →

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