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I should have paid more attention during Social Studies class in grade eleven. I had opted for a special version of the curriculum called Socials 11C: The City is People. Our teacher, Mr. Bertie had a passion for urban studies and had shaped the geography portion of the course around themes such as urban planning,... Continue Reading →

Menstrual equity worldwide—Period!

Now that title got your attention, didn’t it!  Terry-Lynn Stone describes Days for Girls succinctly: “Our goal is to reach Every Girl Everywhere, Period!” Being a bit of a joker myself I could not resist the question—is your last word a pun? The answer of course is YES! Days for Girls Canada, with its founding... Continue Reading →

My Days are So Joyful – Juno on walks, wonder and joy

I really am the most fortunate dog in alive in Kamloops today. I know that perceptions, especially self-perceptions, can be dangerous; they can lead to arrogance, misunderstanding and emotional injury. If the difference between one’s own self-assessment and the estimations of others is too great, conversation is difficult; allegiances, even friendships can suffer. All this... Continue Reading →

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