So how should we rate Canada’s response to the climate crisis? One word: Awful! Actually it’s worse than awful and worsening still despite a mild shift in public opinion fueled by the short sighted goals of elected officials. Additionally, if industry is slow to adapt to new realities, it seems the banks and financial markets... Continue Reading →

20,000, at last

It is commonly suggested that in North America at least, size matters! The larger the number, the longer the length, the heavier the tonnage, large is lovely. The more the merrier in our neoliberal economic world. So how do you react to the number 20,000? Is this a truly large number? With most people I... Continue Reading →

Happy Blog Birthday – One year of Take Note

The occasion caught me by surprise, though delightfully so. WordPress sends me weekly blog statistics along with other notifications including a recent Happy Anniversary message. It is now a year since I set up this blog, a project originally intended as a placeholder for stories destined for publication on social media. I never planned to... Continue Reading →

I am not cool

These four words could tell no greater truth--I am not cool! I have never been cool, and while I might have wished to be cool, I know few truly cool people to help me become cool. When I visit the barber shop (aka. hair stylist) I look at the cool doos (dudes?) pictured, though none... Continue Reading →

5,000 and counting

I received a lovely notice from my blog service provider, the other day. They said it was time to celebrate, as my blog has been viewed over 5,000 times. This is glorious news for a site initiated on 22 May, 2021 as a placeholder for material for inclusion in social media posts. In the... Continue Reading →

Falling in love

Best friends It’s that time of year again, when here in the western regions of North America the air turns colder while the sun stays warm. The intense heat--and this year, what heat!--is over and for us in British Columbia the fires while not extinguished everywhere are smaller and less threatening than two weeks ago.... Continue Reading →

On Fortune and Cookies

It’s a ritual common for many of us, the Fortune Cookie after Chinese dinner out. I do wonder hwoever, where is the fortune, and what is the cookie anyway. It doesn’t look like any cookie I might make or eat. Highly stylized, with a hard crackable exterior, it looks more like a shell on the... Continue Reading →

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