Water – A photo essay

Water -- we were birthed in and through it. It is as visceral to us as breathing. Sweating, crying, and drinking -- all these human practices bring us life and allow us to live. Humans and non-humans, we are surrounded by water -- in nature, in the human-made world, in our instincts and in our... Continue Reading →

My Days are So Joyful – Juno on walks, wonder and joy

I really am the most fortunate dog in alive in Kamloops today. I know that perceptions, especially self-perceptions, can be dangerous; they can lead to arrogance, misunderstanding and emotional injury. If the difference between one’s own self-assessment and the estimations of others is too great, conversation is difficult; allegiances, even friendships can suffer. All this... Continue Reading →

Get the picture?

The white plastic wrapped box was smaller though heavier than I expected. Life is full of surprises, sometimes delightfully so. Cycling over to the local postal outlet I was actually nervous to meet this new member of my photographic equipment family. Was it worth the money? Will it meet expectations? Will it really make a... Continue Reading →

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