Pilgrimage 2022 — Retrospective

And we walked . . . different folks in different places; some folks in more than one place; some for the very first time in the way of a pilgrim, while others  walked for the umpteenth time. We walked for all sorts of reasons – some for spiritual refreshment, others for recreation. Some walked as... Continue Reading →

PILGRIMAGE 2022 — A Personal Invitation

Images by Ken Gray In response to broadening and deepening interest in ecological justice issues throughout our ecclesiastical province, the Social and Ecological Justice (SEJ) Working Group prepares both programmes and materials to explore the relationship between Christian faith, justice and the environment. An ideal time for this work is the annual SEASON OF CREATION,... Continue Reading →

Why Pilgrimage? Why now?

It was Good Friday, 1979. I had made a pilgrimage with approximately 30 other walkers from the west coast of Britain to the east coast. We stood on the shore across from the ancient monastic pilgrimage destination called Holy Island, or Lindisfarne. We were joined by fellow pilgrims from Edinburgh and Newcastle, in total about... Continue Reading →

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