In our right minds, we know that love is at the heart of all things.

A very uplifting sermon from Washington’s National Cathedral by the late Michael Gerson, on his experience living with depression

Few words from me today, but a strong encouragement to take twelve minutes of your time to hear an amazing story, so beautifully told by the late Michael Gerson, a centrist Republican and chief speechwriter for George W. Bush, Gerson, an unabashed evangelical Episcopalian who loved the National Cathedral in Washington DC lived with clinical depression for much of his adult life. He recently died of complications from Kidney Cancer.

His experience mirrors my own depression journey, hopefully now permanently behind me. His experience however is so eloquently and poignantly put. A quote to whet your appetite:

“In our right minds – as our most sane and solid selves – we know that the appearance of a universe ruled by cruel chaos is a lie and that the cold void is actually a sheltering sky.

In our right minds, we know that life is not a farce but a pilgrimage – or maybe a farce and a pilgrimage, depending on the day.

“In our right minds, we know that hope can grow within us – like a seed, like a child.

“In our right minds, we know that transcendence sparks and crackles around us – in a blinding light, and a child’s voice, and fire, and tears, and a warmed heart, and a sculpture just down the hill – if we open ourselves to seeing it.”

The video is here

The full text is here

The NYT obituary is here

Rest in peace, Michael Gerson. Enjoy the blessing of the angels.

One thought on “In our right minds, we know that love is at the heart of all things.

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  1. Hello again – what an excellent sermon.

    Michael speaks so eloquently with the confidence of conviction, which makes him such a commanding speaker.

    Michael exudes wisdom and seems to have clarity of reason and thought and his words about depression are commanding.

    Thanks so much for sending.

    Hope all goes well as you settle into your new home.


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