Juno’s Christmas 2022 Letter


It is my distinct pleasure to compose this year’s Gray family Christmas letter. Admittedly others were asked first, but they demurred. So I present here my low level, nose to the ground summary accounting for the Gray family during 2022, who join me in wishing all readers, near and far, the happiest of Christmas blessings.

On this my third Christmas my four-pawed heart is full of wonder, joy and gratitude. What a great family I chose to join. Luck, maybe. Grace, possibly. Fortune, definitely. I daily attempt to repay this filial gift in bringing delight to everyone I meet; and most days, I succeed. Whether it be in the newfound Summerland dog parks and beaches, or in the living room of our marvellous condo overlooking our little town; whether it be in trips to the beaches and dog parks of the north (Kelowna) or asleep on the couch (couch surfing and sleeping are new privileges offered me this year) as Ken and Kathie watch Three Pines together, life is beautiful.

Now I must say, with some concern, and Ken and Kathie sometimes leave me behind when they travel, this year for three very looonng weeks to Ireland. They claim this most necessary of trips was one of the best they have ever enjoyed, travelling in part with their Ireottish friends David and Alison. Travel along the Wild Atlantic Way was a wonderful precursor to visits to Derry, Corrymeela and Belfast.

Arguably the most significant travel during 2022 was the move to Summerland. On one mid-summer day Ken and Kathie were bored. So Ken said, “hey family, let’s load up and get outta here and look at property in the South Okanagan.” This marked the beginning of protracted searches, real estate negotiations and financial assessments, all leading to a purchase and move back to a place we lived previously (without me) on Friday, October the 14th. Ken and Kathie say this has been one of the best moves ever.

One wonders about the wisdom of returning to a previous place and lifestyle; isn’t life about progressing to new horizons. Well, it seems not so. That said, we miss many people, projects and places in and around Kamloops. We look forward to a visit sometime in the new year. And I sure want to run and play at the Peterson Creek Park (certainly the greatest dog park in the world).

As for this Christmas, Cameron and Hannah have given not only their blessing but their physical presence to our new home over Christmas and New Year’s. It’s great to be together with only minimal church duties (Yay Ken). Other visitors pass through our revolving front door – and some don’t even knock. And what do they find here? They find a two bed, three bath, one most excellent office and the best Fibre Art Studio this side of Winnipeg condominium with no yard work, daunting strata fee, large rooms and a brilliant view of three converging valleys.

Do come visit. I’m ready anytime. We wish everyone the joy and blessings of the Christmas and Epiphany Season.


PS For the record, this is the earliest assembled Christmas letter ever. Well done me.

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  1. Thank you Juno, and a very merry Christmas to you, your bestest friends Ken and Kathie and your wider family. I can’t believe I’m responding to a Dog, but the child lives within. Blessings, Trev. and Carol whiting


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