Random thoughts in proverbial style, by Juno

When greeting one another, dogs gathering at the dog park circle counterclockwise in order to suss each other out. One does wonder if below the equator they would circle in the opposite direction.

There is personal prejudice in every dictionary definition, for dictionaries are assembled based on individual and corporate usage practices, back at least to Dr. Johnson and the early editions of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED). Even the most technical definition originates as a single point of view or unique experience prior to a more broadly based acceptance.

Dog is God spelled backwards. Sometimes with language, less is more, and in this case, everything.

Morning happiness is sitting at a new downtown café with audio traffic signals sounding, constantly. “The walk sign crossing Columbia Street is now on.” Who records these messages I wonder? Do they get a royalty payment everytime I cross the street. Now I know who lives in those expensive houses up the hill.

Why do most outdoor eating experiences in Kamloops occur alongside parking lots? Once called the Tournament Capital, I think Kamloops could now be named the Pavement Capital.

From my street-level angle I see many folks living and sleeping on the street. The Good Book says, “the poor will always be with you.” Poverty transcends history. The question is how you and I will respond from our position of privilege.

My hu-man canvassed yesterday for a local politician. Can you guess what he discovered? There are dogs living in almost two thirds of all houses on our street. Of course, I have known this all along. He could have asked.

Friends of my humans lost their little dog the other day. They are understandably sad, and so am I. It must be said however that absence does make the heart grow fonder. So it is lovely when someone, or some dog is missed. A blessing has been enjoyed and is now commended elsewhere.

There is much talk these days about a four-day working week. Personally I work every day but I can appreciate that many would appreciate more time away from work. I also wonder how such proposed legislation would affect lower income workers. There was a day when almost everyone had Sundays off. As that disappeared at different times throughout Canada the phrase “twenty-four seven” came into parlance. Given that it is very difficult to get any worker, professional or otherwise to pick up the phone or reply to an email presently, such a shortened week may not be in the best interests of all.

A final thought, is that little in life is actually, final. More on this another time.


3 thoughts on “Random thoughts in proverbial style, by Juno

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  1. On the topic of 7 day a week shopping, I was initiated into this habit by the wives of three Bishops and the wife of one dean. I figured if they hadn’t yet been struck dead, I probably wouldn’t be either.

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  2. Juno is of course absolutely right as far as Kamloops is concerned, However, in Smithers
    these days Main Street is ripped up and all the trees are cut down and the whole deal, I
    gather is to improve the ambiance of the street. I’m of the old school and while I’m not
    aware of the full reasoning in this work, I think, “If it aint’ broke why fix it?” May be the past
    has shown too many of Juno’s friends have spent time circling the trees and so they need
    replacing. ??


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