Water – A photo essay

Water — we were birthed in and through it. It is as visceral to us as breathing. Sweating, crying, and drinking — all these human practices bring us life and allow us to live. Humans and non-humans, we are surrounded by water — in nature, in the human-made world, in our instincts and in our dreams.

Water is work, water is play. That famous environmental engineer, the beaver knows. Likewise those who moil for gold. Those who live and work by the lake and those who cherish a dream — now faded and lost — all value water.

Water delights us, it refreshes us. We like to live near it and to recreate in it. Whether ocean, stream or river, it transports us to happy places. Whether frozen, or running fast in the Spring freshet, it embodies the life of a healthy planet — except when that planet it not so healthy.

Even toxic tailings ponds look beautiful (no swimming please), as they struggle to return to an earlier and more natural state. Water is life, refreshment and sustenance for all Creation.

Water sprays, water soaks, water flows, water falls. Water evaporates and freezes; it mists, it washes hills clean, it clouds the skies. Like the wind, water has a mind of its own — it cuts its own path and will not be dissuaded.

Water is everywhere, within and without us; it exists in both the alpine and the ocean trench. Salt and fresh, pure and polluted, threatened and pristine, water is both ancient and moving in the present moment. It inspires, it refreshes, is cleans, it nourishes all Creation.

Water is life. Life must be guarded and protected. Even here in British Columbia we dare not take water for granted. It is a gift, to be shared by all.

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