One foot forward: Pilgrimage Day 2

If you stand at the edge of the forest
and stare into it
every tree at the edge
will blow a little extra
oxygen toward you

It has been proven
Leaves have admitted it
The pines I have known
have been especially candid

One said
that all breath in this world
is roped together
that breathing is
the most ancient language

Hannah Stevenson

Yesterday, we breathed the language of trees and roots, of water and rock, and of small numbers of fish. The celebration of the return of the salmon is still coming, gradually, inexorably. Our timing however may be a few days early this year.

We were a talkative bunch, building a remarkably trustworthy community as we ambled (sometimes stumbled) along a mostly flat trail. There was much to photograph; have a look here; the 48 images are best viewed using the slideshow feature. The leaves now busy themselves clothed in their new and bright fall colour. The mighty Adams River brandishes its powerful current pushing (or is it dropping) its massive store of water, ready to meet Sockeye on their final journey.

Each morning and each evening we gather in the Spes Bona conference room to share our hopes and dreams, our reflections and discoveries. We pray a little, sing some more, share amazingly deeply given our short time together, and laugh . . . a lot!

Last night’s sharing bounced back and forth from our daily experiences and inspirations to our thoughts and feelings around (in)justice. Cognizant of the topsy turvy world which we inhabit, we enjoyed newfound space for (as the Hannah Stevenson quote above) . . . breathing.

Today, a different location, Herald Park and Margaret Falls, both gems in this Shuswap ecosystem. Please pray for us as we pray for you and everything, in and through the language, the breath of all creation.

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