Passion, parishes and people — A brilliant idea

Thanks Lisa Vaughan who joined Neil Mancor and me this past week for a great conversation around Anglican parishes, leadership, community and outreach. Our Facebook Live broadcast brought together folks from Spiritual Formation for Discipleship: A Network for Canadian Anglicans and connected with others from all across our Canadian Church. Pew and Beyond is a... Continue Reading →

20,000, at last

It is commonly suggested that in North America at least, size matters! The larger the number, the longer the length, the heavier the tonnage, large is lovely. The more the merrier in our neoliberal economic world. So how do you react to the number 20,000? Is this a truly large number? With most people I... Continue Reading →

A New Year Greeting

At a time when poets and poetic enthusiasts are more easily look outward, bursting with resolutions, memories and convictions, W H Auden (1907 – 1973) has us look inward, to the miraculous biology within our very bodies, a liveliness which continues unabated and under-appreciated, until life flows from it. Of Auden’s sumptuous expression, itself informed and... Continue Reading →

Christmas songs for another year

We sing them every year, over and over again. We start singing sometime after Remembrance Day, in public and in private, sometimes loud and with confidence, and at other times in tones barely audible. We sing many from memory; for others we need lyric sheets. But admit it, we all sing, though this year with... Continue Reading →

Juno’s Christmas 2022 Letter

The GRAY FAMILY NEWS It is my distinct pleasure to compose this year’s Gray family Christmas letter. Admittedly others were asked first, but they demurred. So I present here my low level, nose to the ground summary accounting for the Gray family during 2022, who join me in wishing all readers, near and far, the... Continue Reading →

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