Juno’s Big Surprise – There’s a new Dog Park in Summerland

The celebrated Dog Blogger, Juno, is a three-year-old Labradoodle (actually three and a half years old) who lives with her owners in the small town of Summerland in the interior of British Columbia. She has a rare ability to communicate with her blogger owner and have published over a dozen blogs in recent years.

Some days it’s worth crawling out of bed early, though I am normally a slow riser. While PaPaw gets up around 0530, and MaPaw around 0700, I often do not stir until at least 0730. Today was no exception, except, I should have risen earlier, as there was a wonderful surprise for me this morning. Nothing unusual happened at home, but . . . when we went down to Peach Orchard Park (and not to Dale Meadows as we normally do), there was a brand spanking new fence erected around a large play area, just for me and my buddies. A new dog park was born.

We had heard rumours, and had our own hopes and dreams for a larger and more grassy play area. Last week our canine hearts were sad to learn that we could no longer run off-leash at Peach Orchard as Summer looms. So where could we go now? I heard rumbles that a small area proximate to the boat ramp might come available. I had no idea however that such a grand venture was in the works.

And golly, the Community Services Department and the District of Summerland Parks staff put this thing up faster that a JW Kingdom Hall. On Sunday night, nothing was there — Just the grass. Later Monday afternoon, voila, there it is. A park to call “home.” Tuesday morning, staff were installing doggie-doo containers and fixing the door latches. No sauna or shower yet, but we live in hope.

Lest you think I am speaking only for myself, no, I am not alone in expressing adulation for this wonderful new facility. Not only do we have a spacious environment, proximate to the water, with ample parking for owners and their friends. The fence maintains an effective boundary between our rambunctious selves and the walking path, a level paved  surface used by many, some who might find our exuberance a bit much. In our park, there is shade for sunny and hot days, and one bench presently so MaPaw and PaPaw can have a sit or two.

There are other unintended advantages to this new development. In certain seasons of the year, Canada Geese frequent the park, and leave ample markers of their presence. Well as long as I am present, there will be no resident Geese or for that matter residual Goose-poo. I offer this expulsion service free-of-charge. Let me at ‘em.

The new park will also make my owners, and all owners, happy and content. I will provide valuable entertainment for those who at one time or another have owned and loved dogs, but can no longer care for an animal themselves. Think of how many children can discover the wonderful world of pets, at a place where they play in the summer season. And how about all those tourists, many living temporarily in the local campground. They will discover that Summerland is dog-friendly, because . . . wait for it . . . we are friendly dogs.

So I say Thank You, to politicians and staff, who have installed a beautiful facility, temporarily for the time being, but hopefully, permanently. You’ve  done good on this one friends. Woof.

A complete set of images can be viewed here. To provide feedback on the dog park please reach out to recreation@summerland.ca.

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